Frontier ethical investment for the reconstruction of global value chains in post conflict areas

The core motivation of the Cross-Border Reconstruction fund is to rebuild social, commercial and facilities infrastructures in order to advance the implementation of environmentally sound practices in post-conflict areas.

The CBR Fund will provide an all-inclusive solution to humanities impact on global warming by providing support to public and private bodies at sub-national level, prioritising the development of cross border value chains, which are responsibly operated, ecologically comprehensive and economically sustainable.

Risk is mitigated by using a diversified investment approach involving private and public institutions, and investments across multiple asset classes corresponding to various risk profiles. Long term sustainability is guaranteed, resulting from a business-like approach and management process, ensuring that selected projects are bankable.

An Alliance Focused on Preserving the Climate and Building Value Chains in Post-Conflict Countries

CBR Fund

Montbrillant 26 1201 GENEVE, Switzerland

We are supported by Eurasia Industries Group, a global industrial and financial company.